Doodle Maths

What is ‘Doodle Maths’? You may have been wondering and now you have the chance to find out. On Thursday 13th December at 2.45pm Mrs Coppens is running a session at school for parents who would like to find out more.

New Books

Recently the school  received a kind donation of money for books in memory of Mrs Howe who passed away three years ago. She loved reading and so to honour her memory, each class had a budget to put towards new books.  We hope your child will enjoy reading them.

Some more book reviews.

Ava, Charlotte, Isaac, Liam and Pip were excited to discuss the books they read and reviewed over the recent half term. The Percy Jackson books were also the subject of an imagined robbery, for which the children had to describe the suspected thief in minute detail!

Book Reviews Percy Jackson 001

UK Parliament Day

This morning Kestrel class debated the subject of space research: should we be investing millions of pounds into it or not? The children were given different sides of the argument to consider and an entertaining debate took place.

The result of the class vote was as follows:

In favour of space research: 13

Against space research: 15

Those who abstained / spoiled their ballot paper: 2

Girls Football

Yesterday afternoon the girls travelled all the way to the Odd Down Sports Ground to take part in the annual ‘Girls Football Tournament’. After a slow start, they really improved, with a notable 2-0 victory over Combe Down, goals courtesy of Taliah. Reaching the Quarter-Finals of the plate, they faced St Mary’s to whom they lost 0-1 after a controversially disallowed goal. Despite this disappointment, the girls really enjoyed the event.