Doodle Maths

Well done to all the children for their hard work on Doodle Maths/Tables and English. We have had a few issues with some children working hard but the results not syncing with the school’s records of their work. Having spoken with the tech team they advise the following:

  • Always make sure your child is online when doing the APP
  • Update the Doodle APP (through the APP store) as some old versions no longer sync with the school’s records
  • Don’t swap devices you use before going online, otherwise all stored data is lost

Thank you for your support with this.

Thurs 19th Nov. Orienteering with Owl

Tomorrow afternoon Owl class have the privilege of an orienteering instructor coming into school and taking the class.

This will take place over on the school field. Please make sure that your child has the following:

  • track-suit bottoms that you don’t mind them getting dirty in
  • an old pair of trainers
  • a coat (although the weather forecast for tomorrow is good)