Mixing Colours – Tertiary colours

Tertiary colours – sometimes called ‘intermediate’ colours – can be created by using only the primary colours as a base. This afternoon, Kestrel class enjoyed skilfully manipulating colours to create their own palette, which we shall use for future art work.


The six tertiary colours we created are as follows:

  • amber or marigold = yellow-orange
  • lime-green or chartreuse = yellow-green
  • cinnabar or vermilion = reddish-orange
  • magenta (mauvish-crimson) = reddish-violet
  • indigo = blueish-violet
  • teal or aqua = blueish-green

Internet Safety Day

Last week, Kestrel class spent a session discussing how to be safe and wise online and how to respond in different situations. They worked in small groups on a quiz and offered their own (very sensible) suggestions. We also looked at the website below.Internet Safety Day